Growing Franchise - Commercial Space Case Study

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Project Summary

Goal1) Create an eye-catching feature wall within budget
2) Produce consistent design for 2 to 10 locations
3) Have designs reflect the modern trustworthiness of the brand
Budget$5,000 (for feature wall)
Final Cost$1,077.65
Size of Space200ft² (for feature wall)
What They Bought7x Triangles Black, 7x Adhesive Tapes
Benefits / Return on Investment1) Achieved all three goals at $3,900 under budget. Installed in one day.
2) ~20% Return on Investment
3) Landlord agreed to leasehold improvements, covering the cost.

“We love these guys and use them for all my retail store buildouts. Highly recommend!”
- Kel Vincent, CEO of Fix my Phone Plus

A Growing Franchise

Fix My Phone Plus is a quickly growing franchise that focuses on repairing damaged mobile devices. They began with a single location Oklahoma and learned quickly that they wanted to create a modern aesthetic that matched their technological expertise and trustworthiness.

Kel Vincent, Founder and CEO of Fix My Phone Plus found that the IVORI Home Luxury Wall panels would create the perfect accent wall that fits their design goals and within an appropriate budget.

Their budget for the accent wall was $5,000 and their total spend at IVORI was just under $1,100. They achieved a beautifully finished location with their first store and quickly scaled their designs to 10 locations.

Their first locations in Oklahoma began renovations in early 2019 and was fully completed in two months.

Growth in 2021+

Now, the Fix my Phone Plus franchise has grown to ten locations and the CEO is thrilled to have found IVORI Home as a partner to help provide aesthetic and fitting materials for their modern mobile device repair stores.

Since beginning our relationship in 2019, Fix My Phone Plus continues to work with IVORI Home to provide consistent design support and on-time material delivery.

Church Entryway

Lead Pastor Ashley Jenson at Rising Life Church was looking for an inexpensive way to welcome people to Sunday Worship. To create a space where people could connect and support eachother before and after service.

We're thrilled that Rising Life Church trusted IVORI Home to provide the material for their place of worship.

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