IVORI™ 'Touch of Gold' Trim (50m Roll)


The midas touch for all homes, not just the few.

Here at IVORI™ we believe all home are destined for greatness. All homes deserve luxurious touches, not just royalty. That's why we created the 'Touch of Gold' Trim, as an easy, self-adhesive golden trim, sure to splash some elegance in any space within your home.

Luxury in Minutes ♛

Simply peel and stick our premium golden trim to your desired space for instant luxury.

Perfect for Any Style

The 'Touch of Gold' Trim is the perfect accent to any tiling, baseboards, counters, cabinets, walls, and more. We also offer an arrangements of thicknesses depending on your style preferences and project, so that the options are endless splashing your home in a touch of golden elegance. 

*Note: All rolls are uniform 50 meters in length.